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The Sundays, when we were kids, were always special back at home in India. Angithi, the lehm grill used to be lit early morning by our cook and once on, we knew that lunch would be served around 1:30 pm – and it was always the sumptous soft goat meat cooked over the slow fire and the Daal makhani; sometimes paneer saag and much more. How the raw spices were initially cooked gentlytill one could smell them and thereafter ground on the stone slab! Together with simple red onions thinly sliced and spiced to go with this awesome dish shared by the large family – this memory has stayed - forever. We ate it with our fingers, tearing off chunks of roti and dipping it into the gravy, scooping up everything into one´s mouth, relishing every little bit on our plate. And if it was June, then the end after such a sumptous meal was always mangoes and the wonderful melons. Those afternoons were special!!

Recreation of the memory, coming as close to the textures of those spices, the moment the scent of the spices touches you; where thought is more put into not just recreating a meal but also the atmosphere. These meals are about sharing you share happiness, it grows; you share food, the capacity to remember the others grow. Regardless that we see us only once or you may join us again, our intention stays to appreciate your presence and we hope the same from you.

Only this way the borders between the known and the unknown blurr where the personal and the professional backgrounds become less important. What becomes, is, only the moment. To enjoy, to share.



Chicken with chicoree / NV / Mini´s creation

Paneer with chicoree / V / Mini´s creation

Dahi Bhallas with tamarind date chutney and cilantro chutney / V


Lamb with mint cooked with the spices direct from old Delhi / NV

Paneer achari / V

Fresh baby spinach ground to a paste cooked with spices made freshly at home. Served with fried potatoes. / V

Fresh vegetables as available in the season

Daal Tarka

Raita, rice, parantha, achaar / pickles


Shrikhund with mango paste and fresh pomegranate

Fresh mangoes from India (hopefully available in Berlin)


Selected red and white homewines, water and juice

Bubbles served in the beginning

P.S. Only in case of the unavailability of some ingredients, we might have to change the menu accordingly.

Kindly note our friendly conditions for this event

Please read through the following information, prior to
making a reservation.
* For the purpose of reminders, please provide us with your email.
* Reservations are only secured after you have received a confirmation from us.
* as this is mostly one person show, short notice cancellations can have devastating impact on our dinner concept. We require our participants to let us know at least 48 hours prior to the start of dinner, should they wish to cancel the reservation.
* If a cancellation is made within 48 hours prior to the start of the meal, we will try our best to refill the empty seats. In case the seats can’t be filled, the customer who cancelled will be required to honour the meal price for the unfulfilled reservation.
* Our concept does not encourage childrens partcipation. We only accept reservations of more than 18 years of age.
* We provide Bills.



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