Slurp Ramen Joint
Nansensgade 90
1366 Copenhagen

The Austrian/Irish connection is taking over Slurp.

Christian Tschida, wine magician and the man behind Himmel auf Erden & Halaigh Whelan-McManus, Irishman, chef and legend, are popping up at Slurp for the first Slurpreme Monday. Shit's happening January 21.

Expect a noodle/wine experience that's going to blow the buttons off your pants. 

Now to the practicalities, 5 small starters followed by a bowl of noodles + 4 glasses of Tschida wine served from only MAGNUM bottles. WOW

Pescetarian menu available. Note your preference in the comments. No vegetarian version, sorry carrots. 

The menu includes, Meat, Fish, Wheat, Eggs, Milk & Nuts