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Who can resist sharing a boiling hot pot with your loved ones in the dark cold winter?

If there is a type of dining experience combining socializing, great taste, and interactive eating adventure, that is hot pot! Hot pot--also known as Shabu-shabu in Japan and Korean, steamboat in Thailand, is one of the most popular Asian food right now.

What will you experience?

• Super social experience
Hot pot is almost most social dining formats you can think of. Not only are you gathered at one table sharing a meal with friends or family, but you're in a way cooking the food together.

• Great taste and healthy food
You will have an Asian food trip here, exploring the variety of fresh vegetables and Asian specialties with low gluten, low fat and low carbohydrates.

• Super fun
It’s a great fun to “cook” more than 10 different exotic ingredients and explore their unique features and flavors.

What will you get?
• 2 Asian starters: Radish kimchi, Hiyayakko (Japanese tofu) 
• 2 types of hot pot soup base: spicy one and non-spicy one
• 2 types of meat (In vegan version, the meat will be replaced by other Asian specialties)
• 6 types of fresh vegetables
• 6 Asian ingredients
• 2 different hot pot sauces

We also provide a variety of selected Asian dessert, cold brewed tea, Asian beer & sake, and wine.

Remark: It requires at least two persons to order a hot pot, so you please choose 2 tickets or more.

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