Fri 27 Oct 19:00

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You will arrive through a heavily tatooed building to a first floor, the doors will open and you will be warmly greeted by Candelaria Saenz Valiente and a glass of champagne. You can call her Candi. You might want to accompany your champagne with Gougères (cheese puffs) prepared by the chef Aurélien de Villèle. The room is candle lit, you look divine. There are books that you can read if you must, and other people you can talk to. Remember this is your lucid dream. 
When all sixteen guests have arrived, Candi will introduce you to Marcin Masecki who will perform on the piano throughout the whole evening. He is a prodigy pianist from Poland and he is here to entertain you privately and you can even touch his long nose, because he is a figment of your imagination, at which he sits at the piano and starts playing heavenly.

Here is the menu:

Thailand Beauty Prawn Soup
Vegeterian choice: Unfathomable Lemongrass Tofu Soup
(Recommended drink: gin martini)
First Course:
Ceviche Peruano en leche de tigre
Vegeterian choice: Ceviche with mushrooms
Palate refresher:
Lemon sorbet.
Arq. Christopher Alexander's Pork filet with lime gastrique
presented with a self serve cathedral of ribs and a mountain of glazed apples
on a plateau of mashed potatoes reminisce of Steven Spielberg's film Encounters of the third kind.
Vegeterian choice: Mother's Guiso of Quinoa and Lentils 
presented with a self serve structure of roasted sweet potatoes.
Crudités salad, including mango and seasonal vegetables.
(recommended drink: Shot of Żołądkowa Górska - herbal polish wodka)
Yumi i Glat
a wild fantasy island dessert created by the chef (your subconscious)
consisting of ginger french toast topped with pineapple compote, lemon grass,
banana cardamone flan and lime chantilly.*
*All Lucid Feast desserts have a rich pouring of créme fresh from a bucket.
Coffee (decaf too) with chocolate mignardise

There is a balcony for smokers. And a bed for the convalescent. After dinner you realize you cannot leave, or wake up. The scenario is now a Buñuel film. You may feel the urge of combing someone's hair. Then things get out of your lucid control as a giant jelly is brought in and you are encouraged to stick your foot in it. And you do, and it is the most pleasurable thing by ways of temperature, consistency and smoothness. You think "Time is a solid, everything is jelly".
The night unfolds and there are stories told and songs wailed. But even if all good things must come to an end you are reminded that you are welcome back next time. And so you melt into the jet black of the night poised in your cape and scarf, a reservoir of the deepest sleep.


The price includes champagne and all the edible pleasures detailed in the menu except for the recommended drinks and the wine in the house. These will be sold at extremely reasonable prices. The musician's fee and service fee are not included, especially feel free to tip the musician.

About Candi: She is a musician and a published writer. She loves hosting parties and making installations:
About Marcin: Musician, pianist:
About Aurelian: Head Chef at Temroc in Berlin​
Head Chef Catering at French embassy in Berlin ​
Head Chef at « la Bonne Franquette » Berlin (CDI)
Chef de Partie meat and fish at « La Bonne Franquette » Berlin (CDI) Commis at « La Bonne Franquette » Berlin (CDI)
Map of Falckenstein strasse 10997 berlin DE


Falckenstein strasse

10997 berlin

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