Brixton, London

Sat 24 Feb 19:00

Let's Kain is the brainchild of a Filipino - Kiwi husbands. Kain (kah-in) is a play on words, it's a combination of Maori - New Zealand (KAI) and Tagalog - Philppine (KAIN) words which both means 'to eat'.

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"Let's Kain = Let's Eat!"

Our first supper club this year is inspired by our recent trip to New Zealand. The four-course all kiwi menu showcases what the modern New Zeland food is all about with strong influences from the Pacific and neighboring Asian countries. 

Avocado & Nori Salad 
Ceviche (fish of the day)
Double (fried) fried chicken with Samoan chopseuy
Lamb chops with rice & kumara (sweet potato)
Brandy Snaps (dessert)

* This is a BYO event.
* Full address of the venue will be emailed after booking confirmation.
* When booking please make us aware of any allergies. Substitutions cannot be made on the day of the event. Email for further info emailkinoy@gmail.com

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