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Thu 12 Oct 19:30

A big honour to announce: Polish Thurday Dinners will have the privilege to welcome Maciej Nowicki ,one of most intriguing Polish Chefs, head Chef at the Royal Palace in Wilanów in Warsaw (Muzeum Pałacu Króla Jana III w Wilanowie) , historian and superhuman.
Maciej will prepare a special feast inspired by cuisine from the 17th Century, the cuisine of polish King Jan III Sobieski.
The dinner will take place in the secret room of Cordobar- one of the most important restaurants in Berlin.

Sobieski's biggest glory was the victory during the Battle of Vienna (German: Schlacht am Kahlen Berge or Kahlenberg) on the 12.09.1683 ( almost the exact anniversary!!).

The battle was won by the combined forces of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nations and the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, the latter represented only by the forces of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland (the march of the Lithuanian army was delayed, and they reached Vienna after it had been relieved). The Viennese garrison was led by Ernst Rüdiger Graf von Starhemberg, an Austrian subject of Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I. The overall command was held by the senior leader, the King of Poland, John III Sobieski, who led the relief forces.

Some of you already know about my deep sympathy to Cordobar, the finest and most charming austrian wine bar in Berlin... I thought it will be a perfect place to celebrate the austrian- polish friendship!

MENU 55€/pP
(Original polish spelling from the original recipes)

1. Perliczka na jaju księżnej gustem z musztardą z cytryn/
Guinea Fowl on egg, as the Princess used to like it, lemon mustard
2. Potaź jesienny /
Autumn Potash
3.Dorsz na syrze z pigwów/
Cod, quince
4. Gęś w bazylice na pasternaku/
Goose, basil, parsnip
5. Zupa wiedeńska
Vienna Chocolate Soup

The number of seats is very limited!!!!

https://vimeo.com/ 209174116
http://aktivist.pl/ kiszka-restauracji-rozmawia my-maciej-nowicki-szef-kuc hni-muzeum-palacu-krola-ja na-iii-wilanowie/
https:// www.tygodnikpowszechny.pl/ autor/maciej-nowicki-7861
http://kuchnia.ugotuj.to/ szukaj/kuchnia/ maciej+nowicki+szef+kuchn

https://munchies.vice.com/ en_us/article/ meet-the-singing-chef-whos- hosting-berlins-finest-din ner-parties
http:// www.freundevonfreunden.com/ journal/ fvf-cooks-with-julia-bosski /
http:// mediathek.rbb-online.de/tv/ Kowalski-Schmidt/ Polish-is-the-new-black/ rbb-Fernsehen/ Video?documentId=40305716&b castId=16361776
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